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Buying a Foreclosed Home -Foreclosure Homes in Savannah, Georgia

Karin Carr, lic #362605

Buyer: I’m thinking about buying a foreclosed home. Foreclosure homes in Savannah, Georgia have to be di...

Retiring in Savannah, GA

Karin Carr, lic #362605

Are you thinking about retiring in Savannah, Georgia? Well I’m going to give you my top seven reasons wh...

A Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Investing

Karin Carr, lic #362605

Despite the grim economic outlook for some industries, one sector is gaining viability — real estate. Ac...

Latitude Margaritaville Hilton Head

Karin Carr, lic #362605

Jimmy Buffet fans rejoice! The world’s most famous champion of the laid-back island lifestyle is opening...

Home under $175,000 in Port Wentworth, GA

Karin Carr, lic #362605

Watch the interactive video below

Living in Savannah GA – What I LOVE and what I HATE

Karin Carr, lic #362605

https://youtu.be/iGWq_0IRQgI Video Transcription: Today I’m going to tell you the five things I love and...

Keystone Homes Guyton GA

Karin Carr, lic #362605

Video Transcription: Today we’re taking a tour of Keystone homes in Guyton, Georgia and we are starting ...

Mungo Homes, Pooler GA

Karin Carr, lic #362605

Video Transcription: Today we’re taking a tour of Mungo Homes in Pooler, Georgia and we are starting rig...

New construction home inspection

Karin Carr, lic #362605

New construction home inspections – are they really necessary? Well that’s what we’re talking ab...


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