Woodstock, GA Homes for Sale

The most hoppin' town in Cherokee County!

Woodstock, GA has something for everyone – from big, sprawling homes in the country to urban lofts in the cool downtown area.  Historic Main Street has tons of fabulous restaurants and boutiques.  As one of the oldest towns in the county you can see the history in 100 year old buildings lining the historic district.  There’s a farmer’s market that goes on each Saturday in the summer and free concerts on a regular basis.  There is always something to do and it’s close enough to downtown Atlanta to commute into the city each day.  This is what makes Woodstock the fastest growing town in Cherokee County.

AreaVibes gives Woodstock, GA an A+ for amenities, an A+ for education, a B+ for crime, and B’s for housing and employment opportunities.  It’s considered “exceptionally livable” and is ranked #12 in all of Georgia.

Woodstock, GA has four main sections – historic downtown, Towne Lake, Riverwalk, and Arnold Mill.   The outlet mall is at Riverwalk, tons of businesses, nightlife, and shopping are in Towne Lake, Arnold Mill has acreage out in the country, and the historic downtown area has high end condos and lofts.

As of June 2016 there are currently 766 homes, condos, and townhouses for sale in Woodstock, GA.  The average sales price for the last 90 days was $250,835 with an average asking price of $254,711.  The average single family home that sold in the last 90 days has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, is 2349 sq ft, and was $261,555.  That’s a pretty good sized home for a monthly payment of around $1675/month (with an FHA loan requiring 3.5% down and an interest rate of 3.5%.)

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Things to do in Woodstock, GA

The best restaurants north of Atlanta

Woodstock has everything from fine dining at Century House Tavern to gourmet flavored cupcakes at Cupcakelicious. From hot dogs to sushi to food trucks, there’s something for every palate.

One of my favorite events is called Food Truck Friday, or as my 3 year old calls it, the playground party.  On Friday nights from May to October, several food trucks gather at the parks and rec location on Main Street.  There’s a huge playground where the kids run around and play while DJ’s spin tunes.  The trucks vary each week but a typical assortment might be BBQ, crepes, lobster rolls, Jamaican food, and desserts.  There are picnic tables but this even is always packed so it’s wise to bring a few folding chairs.

There’s plenty of nightlife here too!  Ice Martini Bar is just what you’d expect – an upscale, glamorous martini bar.  Truck and Tap is a brew pub with a food truck of the day out back.  Order your food at the truck, then go inside and get a craft beer while you wait for your food.

Woodstock Schools

A great choice for families

Good schools make Woodstock, GA a desirable choice for parents.  Etowah High School gets an 8 from GreatSchools.org, as does River Ridge High and Arnold Mill Elementary.  Woodstock High, Mill Creek Middle, and Bascomb Elementary all get a 7.  Many of the other schools not listed here get great ratings from the parents and students but do not yet have a score from GreatSchools.org.