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Almost two years ago my Fiance' and I decided we wanted to move to Savannah Ga from our home in Pennsylvania. When we started doing general searches about the area, I came across Karin's website and immediately knew she was the person for us. Her posts and blogs were very genuine, and that stood out to me immediately. I enjoy working with people that are down to earth , not salesmen that seem to have no interest other than making that sale! You could feel her passion and excitement, and that she truly loves what she does! We finally were able to make our move in the fall of 2018, and we met with Karin about 2 weeks after we arrived in Savannah to learn what we would need to buy our first home ever. We decided we wanted to spend about a year learning the area and figure out where we wanted to settle. We wound up speeding the process up a bit, and Karin has been the best we could ask for!!! She has been there every step of the way, answering my many questions, explaining processes and even calming us down at times we were at our wits ends with the mortgage process, lol! I could not imagine conquering this adventure with anyone else by our side and it going so smoothly. Thank you Karin for playing such an important role in our journey! :) Casey & James

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