AGENTS – Please do not fill out the forms on this site.

I have a staff that follows up on all our leads. When you fill out a form it is automatically routed to an inside sales associate to follow up. It costs me money and time to follow up with agents who are not leads for us.

Instead, I have created a whole online course/group coaching program to teach real estate agents about attracting leads. I share lead magnets (these free guides that prospects download) and when you become one of my students you’ll get them all for free with your enrollment.

See below for details.

YouTube for Agents Online Course

Do you wish you had a steady stream of WARM leads contacting you every week?

I am now getting easily 70% of my business from my YouTube channel.  It’s been AMAZING for my business!  I’ve become a local mini celebrity, a public speaker, a coach and trainer, all in 12 months.

Want to take your business to the next level?  Enroll now!

Easy Agent Pro Web Site Review

Are you considering using Easy Agent Pro (EAP) as your web site provider?

I get calls/emails/Facebook messages every few days from agents across the country asking what I think, so here is my Easy Agent Pro web site review.  I recorded this video to answer many of your questions since it comes up so often.  Check it out!

If you still have questions you’re welcome to contact me here, or email me at [email protected]

All I ask is that if you DO sign up with them, do me a favor and say that I referred you.

Full disclosure – they give me a discount off my next month’s hosting charge and every little bit helps! 

Thank you, talk soon!
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