March 2018 was crazy for me – I was interviewed on not one, not two, but THREE different podcasts/video interviews about using YouTube as a real estate agents.

Lori Ballen – Ballen Brands

Lori Ballen shares online marketing tips that have led her to build and even sell several successful businesses through internet lead generation and team systems.  I was so honored to be a guest on her podcast recently talking about my love affair with YouTube and what it has done for my business.

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Michele Bellisari – SOOO Boca

YouTube for Realtors is a brilliant way to build your brand ! Have you thought about using YouTube in your business? It is a fantastic search engine and opportunity for your brand and real estate business to get noticed!

On today’s Sip Social Sell interview I have Karin Carr with Keller Williams Realty Savannah, Georgia! We discuss tips and techniques that you can use to create your YouTube channel to attract more real estate clients with buyers and sellers that WANT to work with you!

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Neil Mathweg – The Onion Juice Podcast

Last week on the show (the Juice Bar), I was asked “how do you break through on YouTube?” I didn’t have the answer. I had a theory but wasn’t a practitioner of breaking through myself. Lame, I know.

I then saw a post on the Snappack Live Group where Karin Atkinson Carr mentioned she was generating lead after lead from her YouTube channel! Someone who was actually getting business from YouTube!! A day later Karin and I were recording together! And today you get to hear all, as she shares how she does it. You have to listen to this episode!

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Easy Agent Pro

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Easy Agent Pro helps real estate agents grow their business. They’ve been featured on Inman, RIS Media, RESAAS, and more. You can find new marketing tips, tricks, tactics and strategies at EasyAgentPro. #EAPTV is one source of real estate marketing tips for real estate agents. Tyler Zey focused on providing as much value as possible by talking about social media, websites, lead generation, lead conversion, and business.

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Easy Agent Pro Podcast

Questions We Ask Karin: What are you focusing on now? Most effective strategy you’ve implemented so far? Best/Worst ad that you’ve run? What would you tell agents just getting started?



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